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Shipping & Returns

Delivery prices on order are calculated by the weight of the product and will vary depending on the quantity and weight of the order. Similarly, deliveries to different post codes across the UK may vary in price.

If you are looking to make an order from overseas please contact us directly either though our telephone number or email based in the footer. 

Disclaimer: We aim to ship orders to suit our customers, however all freight/carriage is undertaken by third party providers and out of the control of Ronfell Products Ltd. Therefore, if it is essential that goods arrive at their destination on a specific day and/or time please arrange the shipping yourself as we cannot offer compensation for goods delivered later than expected.

  1. The Delivery Point for the delivery of the Goods shall be at the Company’s place of business.

  2. Where the Company agrees to deliver the Goods otherwise than at the Company’s premises the Company shall be under no obligation under section 32(2) of the Sale of Goods act 1979.

  3. Any dates specified by the Company for delivery of the Goods are intended to be an estimate and time for delivery shall not be made of the essence by notice. If no dates are so specified, delivery will be within a reasonable time.

  4. Where delivery of the Goods is to be in installments, each delivery shall constitute a separate contract and failure by the Company to deliver any one or more of the installments in accordance with these Conditions or any claims by the Buyer in respect of any one or more installments shall not entitle the buyer to treat the Contract as a whole as repudiated.

  5. Subject to the other provisions of these Conditions the Company will not be liable for any loss (including loss of profit), costs, damages, charges or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the delivery of the Goods (even if caused by the Company’s negligence), nor will any delay entitle the Buyer to terminate or rescind the Contract unless such delay exceeds 90 days.

Return of stock items must be agreed by Ronfell Products (UK) Ltd prior to being arranged as in certain circumstance this may be refused:

  • Goods may have been ordered specifically for your order

  • Goods may have been modified at your request


We will accept standard stock items to be returned to us if ordered in error, cost of the return in these circumstances will be at paid by the customer. If incorrect items have been sent by us, we will accept the return for items and the cost of the return will covered by Ronfell Products (UK) Ltd.

Should we agree to accept goods to be returned to us then they will incur a 20% of List Price Restocking Charge, which will exclude Carriage Costs. 

Credit notes will be raised in both circumstances upon receipt of the returned goods and subject to checking for damage to the goods.