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Wheel Chock Accessory

  • £1.51

    R428 Wheel Chock Accessory ( 50mm )

    Product Code - R428   Max Dimensions: 50mm dia washer with welded M16 nut Weight: 0.11 kg Finish: Yellow paint The R428 wheel Chock accessory is a ...

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  • £11.76

    R423 Wheel Chock Accessory(125 x 82 x 72mm)

    Product Code - R423   Max Dimensions: 125 x 82 x 72mm Weight: 0.85 kg The R423 wheel Chock accessory is a cast steel handle with M16 thread that ca...

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  • £5.44

    R419 Wheel Chock Accessory (0.7 kg

    Product Code - R419   Dimensions: Variable length Weight: 0.7 kg Galvanised chain suitable most of our wheel chocks complete with Quick-links at ea...

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  • £2.57

    R367 Eyebolt (200 mm)

    Wheel Chock Accessory The R367 is an eyebolt used in our Wheel Chock R135.  Details: Dimensions: 200 mm long : 490mm ID eyebolt Weight: 0.13 kg

  • £11.25

    R158 Pivot Lashing Ring (150mm)

    Wheel Chock Accessory Rotatable lashing ring for fixing the securing chain to a wall, suitable for all-wheel chocks with R419 chains. Details: D...

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  • £11.99

    R155 Wheel Chock Accessory(170 x 155 x 333 mm)

    Wheel Chook Holder R155 Wheel Chock Accessory is specifically to secure the R144 Wheel Chock and thus save storage space. It can be attached to the...

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  • £10.90

    R154 Wheel Chock Accessory(245 x 212 x 117 mm)

    Wheel Chook Holder Thick steel chock holder for safe storage of your chocks; galvanised chock chains in various lengths; a pivot lashing ring for f...

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