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R226 Hose Ramp (850 x 300 x 84 mm)


Heavy-duty Hose Protection Ramp 

This R226 hose and cable ramp is a durable piece of equipment that helps to protect hoses and cables in places such as warehouses, factories as well as outdoor environments. It is the original moulded rubber hose ramp designed for the 2.5" flat hose used by the fire brigade. An economical product that has been in use for many decades.

The piece has two channels open at the top. Each channel is 85 mm wide at the base and opens to 92 mm at the top. The depth of each channel is 70 mm. There are three yellow visibility strips set into slots on each side of the ramp. The ramp is supplied with 2 connectors fitted. Spare parts are available if required.


  • Dimensions: 850 x 300 x 84 mm
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Max Load: 44 Tonnes