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Traffic Management Collection

Find all site and temporary traffic management products here. Using both rubber, and lighting facilities each product is designed to ease the control of traffic using modern products.

  • £51.00

    R103 Durable Speed Bump (300 x 50 x 1830 mm)

    Rubber Speed Bumps Control speed and traffic flow with this R103 speed bump made from Commercial Grade Rubber.  It's cost-effective and easy to ins...

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  • £6.75

    R104 Speed Bump End Cap (300 x 150 x 50 mm)

    Rubber End Cap This R104 Speed Bump is the end cap for our R103 1.83m long speed bump.  End caps provide safe passage of pedestrians, forklifts, an...

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  • £3.00

    R131 Led Traffic Cone

    Traffic Cone Topper Lights This traffic cone accessory is a small LED light that fits firmly into the collapsible cone. It has two settings, consta...

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  • £0.00

    R465 Traffic Lights

    Wide Range of Traffic Lights Various sizes and types of traffic lights.   Call for price

  • £19.50

    R518 Collapsible Traffic Cone (690 mm)

    Lighted collapsible traffic cones A collapsible cone that takes up no space, with a height of 690 mm, the cone even fits under the passenger seat i...

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  • £211.62

    R323 Speed Bump (250 x 25 x 3000mm)

    Roll-up Speed Bump A portable roll-up speed bump ideal for temporary road blocks or anywhere traffic speed needs to be reduced for a short time. Su...

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  • £14.95

    R532 Traffic Cone (1000mm )

    Orange Traffic Cone This traffic control cone is perfect for managing areas that need to be temporarily separated, for instance during road works, ...

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