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  • £1.28

    R369 Fixing ( 45OD x 13.5mmID x 4mm)

    Zinc-plated Washer The R369 is a zinc-plated washer. Details: 45OD x 13.5mmID x 4mm thick Weight: 42g

  • £8.18

    R375 Fixing (250 x 125 x (4mm plate / 65mm stud)

    Mild Steel Fixing The R375 fixing is the base fixing plate for the R087, R088, R347 and R355 rubber kerbs. The 65mm stud has M12 thread. Details...

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  • £0.90

    R388 Fixing (M12x60mm )

    Studding threaded  M12x60mm Studding threaded both ends for use in R019 & R020

  • £0.30

    A389 Fixings M12 Nuts

    M12 Nuts Zinc Plated  Durable M12 nuts with bright zinc finish, perfect for construction and assembly applications. Details: Easy tightening and l...

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  • £0.90

    R395 Fixing (90mm x 6mm)

    Ring Hook Screw Details: Dimensions: Overall length 90mm : OD of eye 45mm : Thickness 6mm Weight: 0.035kg Zinc plated Drill size into rubber : 4mm...

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  • £1.00

    R398 Fixing M16 Nut

    M16 Nut Dimensions: M16 Nyloc Nut Weight: 0.05 kg

  • £4.00

    R400 Fixing (59mm OD x 33mm ID x 13mm)

    Product Code - R400   Ring Dimensions: 59mm OD x 33mm ID x 13mm thick Shoulder Dimensions: 33mm dia x 15mm thick Thread: 16mm Weight: 0.02 kg The R...

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  • £12.02

    R402 Fixing (M16 threaded bar x 430mm)

    Product Code - R402   R402 Fixing: M16 threaded bar x 430mm long To suit R467 Wheel Chock. This bar secures the cast steel handle (R423) at one end...

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  • £0.60

    R424 Fixing (50 x 23m )

    Product Code - R424   Dimensions: 50 x 23mm. 13mm dia hole Weight: 0.2 kg The R424 Fixing is a Stainless Steel washer designed to fix our R425 Wall...

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  • £5.13

    R426 M8 Fixing

    Product Code - R426   Dimensions: M8 x 95 C/S Zinc Plated Anchorbolt Weight: 0.7 kg The R426 Fixing is a Zinc plated Anchorbolt that perfectly sits...

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  • £0.90

    R476 Fixing (50 OD x 16 ID x 3mm)

    Product Code - R476 Dimensions: 50 OD x 16 ID x 3mm Weight: 0.05 kg Heavy-duty washer with galvanised finish

  • £0.50

    R477 M10 Nut Fixing

    Product Code - R477Dimensions: M10 NYLOC NUTWeight: 0.02 kg

  • £0.94

    R478 Fixing ( 50 OD x 11 ID x 3mm)

    Heavy-duty washer This washer is galvanized finish Details: Dimensions: 50 OD x 11 ID x 3mm Weight: 0.01 kg

  • £5.21

    R560 Fixing (M12 x 200 )

    Steel M12 Fixing For fixing R324 Rubber kerb into concrete. Details: M12 x 200 Bolt + shield fixing

  • £4.91

    R561 Fixing (M12 x 200 mm)

    Product Code - R561 M12 x 200 Bolt + Rubber shield for fixing to tarmac For fixing R324 Rubber kerb